Saturday, May 7, 2016

The 2016 Olympics Torch Relay in Brazil, Month of May

The 2016 Olympics Torch arrived in the Brazil’s capital city; Brasilia on the 3rd of May. It had been touring Europe since May 21st when it was lit at the Olympia (Read more on the 2016 Olympics Torch Relay in Europe’s Greece and Switzerland).

Since it arrival in this beautiful country the Olympics flame has lit the faces on many people. It was graced the honor of Kamukaiká Lappa, who is from Brazil’s indigenous Xingu people and they honored the Olympics flame with a traditional dance. In its few days in Brazil the torch traveled south of Brasilia to Goiás State, where it will be until the 7th of May when it will travel through Goiandira to Brazil’s Minas Gerais State on south east side of Brazil where it will be for 11 days to the 16th of May.

Many people of all walks in Brazil have carried the Olympics torch including the 31 years old Fabiana Claudino who is an Olympic volleyball champion for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics , she had the honor to carry the torch in its first day in Brasilia. It’s not only the Olympics champions who have so far carried the torch.

Fabiana Claudino is among the people who have carried the Summer 2016 Torch in Brazil so fa

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Amateur marathon runner and a Brazilian dentist; Lucio Monteiro had honor of carrying the Olympics flame and so is Frey Marcos, who is an artisan in Cidade de Goiás and had his own chance when this magical torch came to his local town. A Brazilian business person too had the opportunity to carry this 2016 Olympics flame. Fausto Carraro, besides being a consultant plays air guitar in Brazil and had his joy when he was honored to carry the torch.

Can you imagine what a precious cargo a wagon driver has carried? You are right; the 82 years old resident of Trindade, Antônio de Paula had the honor of carrying the 2016 Olympics Torch in his wagon, that trip will remain in his memory for ever and at Itaberaí it rode in an ox-drawn cart.

The torch has so far touched the Brazilians of all walks in only 4 days, and it will be in Brazil for over 100 days before the opening ceremony on the 5th of August.

Pastries and sweet maker Silvia Curado who is 83-year old carried the torch in her home town of Cidade de Goiás, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Blogger and Historian; 80 years old Maria Antonieta Ramos Jubé Carneiro was too honored to carry the torch. The torch also made a stop at the home of the Cora Coralina, a poet whose home is now a museum in Cidade de Goiás.

For a second time, the Olympic Torch was carried by a Syrian refugee; a 12-year-old Hanan Khaled Daqqah, before arriving in Brazil, another Syrian Refugee; Ibrahim Al-Hussein had carried it in Greece’s Eleonas Refugee camp, when the torch toured on the 26th of April.

In Brazil the 2016 Summer Olympics will tour 329 town and cities, making visits to Brazil’s 26 states capital. The torch has and will travel in both the urban and rural Brazil. Its bearers will be people of all ages as we have seen so far, with a 12 years old refugee carrying it as well as 80 plus years old people who have so far been honored.

It will be carried by celebrities of world fame like the twice Volleyball Olympics Champion; Fabiana Claudino as well as down to earth artisans like Frey Marcos and cart driver Antônio de Paula.

In the whole of Brazil the torch has been welcomed by songs and dances a it makes its way in different locations that truly brings out the diversity and tranquility of Brazil and its people.

We can talk forever about the 2016 Olympics Torch Tour in Brazil but it would be great if you got more details of where the 2016 Summer Olympics Torch will be visiting. Below is the list of all the places you can catch the Olympics flame magic in Brazil.

Below is a table showing where the 2016 Olympics Torch will be in Brazil in the month of May.


3rd of May

Brasilia (Arrival)

4th of May

Goiás State

1.       Corumbá de Goiás

2.       Pirenópolis

3.       Anápolis

5th of May

4.       Itaberaí

5.       Cidade de Goiás

6.       Inhumas

7.       Goiânia

6th of May

8.       Trindade 

9.       Aparecida de Goiânia

10.   Piracanjuba

11.   Morrinhos

12.   Caldas Novas

7th of May

13.   Pires do Rio

14.   Ipameri

15.   Goiandira


Minas Gerais State

16.   Araguari

17.   Uberlândia

8th of May

18.       Uberaba

19.       Araxá

20.       Serra do Salitre

21.       Patrocínio

22.       Patos de Minas

9th of May

23.       Varjão de Minas

24.       Pirapora

25.       Montes Claros

10th of May

26.       Bocaiúva 

27.   Couto de Magalhães de Minas

28.   Diamantina

29.   Curvelo

11th of May

30.   Gouveia

31.   Datas

32.   Serro

33.   Guanhães

34.  Governador Valadares

12th of May

35.   Naque

36.   Ipatinga

37.   Coronel Fabriciano

38.  Itabira

13th of May

39.   Ouro Preto

40.   Itabirito

14th of May

41.   Betim

42.   Contagem

43.   Belo Horizonte

15th of May

44.   São João Del Rei

45.   Tiradentes

46.   Barbacena

47.   Juiz de Fora

16th of May

48.   Bicas

49.   Leopoldina

Rio de Janeiro

50. Itaperuna

51. Bom Jesus do Itabapoana

Espírito Santo

52. Cachoeiro de Itapemirim

17th of May

53. Guarapari

54. Vila Velha

55. Vitória

18th of May

56. Serra

57. Aracruz

58. Colatina

59. Linhares

60. São Mateus

19th of May


61. Teixeira de Freitas

62. Itamaraju

63. Santa Cruz Cabrália

64. Porto Seguro

20th of May

65. Eunápolis

66. Itapetinga

67. Vitória da Conquista

21st of May

68. Itambé

69. Floresta Azul

70. Ibicaraí

71. Itabuna

72. Ilhéus

22nd of May

73. Itacaré

74. Camamu

75. Ituberá

76. Cairu

77. Valença

23rd of May

78. Lençóis

24th of May

79. Salvador

25th of May

80. Feira de Santana

81. Riachão do Jacuípe

82. Capim Grosso

83. Senhor do Bonfim

26th of May

84. Jaguarari

85. Juazeiro

86. Sobradinho

Pernambuco State

87. Petrolina

27th of May

88. Lagoa Grande

89. Santa Maria da Boa Vista

90. Orocó

91. Cabrobó


92. Paulo Afonso

28th of May


93. Canindé de São Francisco

94. Poço Redondo

95. Nossa Senhora da Glória

96. Nossa Senhora das Dores

97. Aracaju

29th of May

98. Propriá


99. São Sebastião

100. Arapiraca

101. São Miguel dos Campos

102. Maceió

30th of May

103. Murici

104. União dos Palmares


105. Garanhuns

106. Lajedo

107. Caruaru

31st of May

108. Gravatá

109. Jaboatão dos Guararapes

110. Recife