Tuesday, March 1, 2016

All The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and Paralympics Venues in Barra da Tijuca Cluster

Barra da Tijuca is one of the four Rio neighborhoods which is hosting 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics sports. This suburb or bairro is simply referred as Barra and forms part of the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan neighborhoods or suburbs. Bairro is the name given to neighborhoods in Brazil.

Barra da Tijuca is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in the west part of Rio and is 13% of the Rio area in square kilometers. It’s the home of less than 5% Rio residents. But, despite this lower population, it accounts for 30% of all the taxes collected in this second most populous city in Brazil.

Maria Lenk Aquatic Center the venue for water sports including diving, synchronized swimming during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

The picture is courtesy of Wikipedia and Agencia Brasil

Beside, Barra da Tijuca is the most developed and better planned part of Rio. It’s fairly a new Bairro as it was designed and executed by the late Lucio Costa about 30 years ago. Lucio Costa was also designer of Brazil’s capital city; Brasilia in the 1960s.

Due to Barra da Tijuca recent establishment, it has splendid gardens, and great shopping mall. Besides, the residential housing consists of beautiful apartments as well as mansions.

When you go for the Summer Olympics or Paralympics taking place in August and September, take your time in this great Rio’s neighborhood and sample its great offers. This way you will have the time to see and live among the Barristas or Barrenses, as the people who live in Barra da Tijuca are commonly referred to.

Unlike the other Rio Olympics Clusters which are Deodoro, Maracana and Copacabana, it’s Barra da Tijuca which has the most of the 2016 Summer Olympics Venues. It has a total of 7 venue clusters.

These Barra venues are further broken down to smaller units and these sub-units totals to 15 venues.

These larger clusters are the Olympics Training Center (OTC) which is broken further to:

1. Carioca 1 will be the venue for Basket Ball

2. Carioca 2 will be the venue for Greco –Roman and Freestyle Olympics Wrestling sport. Besides, it will host Judo sport

3. Carioca 3 will be the venue for Taekwondo and Fencing

4. Future Arena will be the venue for Handball

5. Maria Lenk Aquatic Center will be the venue for water sports i.e. diving, synchronized swimming

6. Olympics Aquatic Stadium will also be the venue for aquatic sports i.e. swimming

7. Rio Olympics Arena will be the venue for gymnastics i.e. including artistic and trampoline

8. Olympic Tennis Center will be the venue for the men and women tennis

9. Rio Olympic Velodrome will be the venue for track cycling

Beside OTC, Rio Centro is yet another venue cluster in Barra. Rio Centro is further broken down to:

10. Rio pavilion 1

11. Rio pavilion 2 will be the venue for the Weightlifting sport

12. Rio pavilion 3 will be the venue for the Table Tennis sport

13. Rio pavilion 4 will be the venue for the Badminton sport

14. Rio pavilion 5

15. Rio pavilion 6 will be the venue for the Boxing sport

Other venues in Barra are Pontal which will be the venue for individual time trial for the Road Race in the Cycling sport of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The 2016 Summer Olympics Golf sport, which has returns to the Summer Olympics after 112 years, is hosted at the newly constructed Olympics Golf Course also among the Barra da Tijuca Olympics venue cluster.

Barra da Tijuca too has the 2016 Olympics Olympic Village, which will be the official accommodation center for the participating athletes.

Other 2016 Summer Olympics Venues are clustered at Maracana, Copacabana and the inland Rio neighborhood of Deodoro.