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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Venues

Investment required ensuring venues meet Summer Olympics and Paralympics Standards

In any Summer Olympics or Paralympics games and Rio Summer Olympics and Paralympics is no different, venue are the most critical element to ensure any success. Venues are the locations that host the sporting events of any games, hence without venues there can be no Olympics or any other game for that matter. Venues play a key role in determining if a country will win a bid of hosting the Summer Olympics Games or not. Venues also determine the required amount of investment to make the games a success. For example, when Belgium first hosted the Summer Olympics of 1920 in Antwerp, the country almost went bankrupt due to the high investment required.

For Brazil to host the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics games, they needed to pump in about US$ 30 Billion. The 2016 Rio Olympic Park has costed US$ 5.6 Billion; the transport network renovation has costed US$ 24 Billion, just to name a few. This is taking into consideration that 14 out of the venues in Rio de Janeiro are already in existence and only needed some renovation. Besides, Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup where they spent about US$ 14 Billion; hence the cost for preparing this 31st edition of the Olympics did not need to redo the 2014 venues, call it savings of some sort, yet US$ 30 billion has been spent. It is a herculean task to host some of these games.

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Venues Classification

All in all, there are 37 venues set aside for the Rio 206 Summer Olympics as well as Rio 2016 Paralympics. Rio de Janeiro is the host city, with 32 venues while there are 5 more venues that out of the Rio city. These 5 other cities are Brasilia which is the capital city of Brazil, the most populous city in Brazil; Sao Paulo, the Amazonia city of Manaus, the first capital city of Brazil; Salvador and the South East city of Belo Horizante. These venues out of Rio de Janeiro will specifically host Rio Summer Olympics football sports for both men and women. Only Summer Olympics football will be held in venues outside Rio hence there will be no Paralympics sporting events outside of Rio.

Rio venues are clustered in 4 suburbs or Bairos, as neighborhood are commonly referred to in Brazil. These 4 Bairos or clusters are Maracana, located north east of Rio; Copacabana clusters right next and south of Maracana. Barra de Tajuca which is in the western side of the Maracana and the smallest in area and the only venue not touching the beautiful Rio beach; Deodoro, located in the inland in north west of Rio.

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Venue can be classified in their location, either in Rio or out of Rio i.e.

• 2016 Summer Olympics Venues in Rio de Janeiro

• 2016 Summer Olympics Venues out of Rio de Janeiro

2016 Summer Olympics Venues in Rio de Janeiro can further be broken down according to the neighborhood they are located in.

Using this classification of the Olympics venues then the 32 venues in Rio, which will host the Summer Olympics as well as the Summer Paralympics sporting events are clustered into 4 clusters as follows:

2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Maracana Venue Cluster

Maracana Olympics Venue Cluster is the place that will host both Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics opening and closing ceremony. It is largest in area but has the least venues. Located near the Rio de Janeiro port, it has 4 venues which are:-

Maracana stadium, the venue for 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics opening and closing ceremony, it will also host football matches which will include final or gold match for the men and women football as well as the matches shown in the venue below. Besides Maracan Stadium and close by is Maracana zinho Arena, which is also part of the Maracana stadium.

Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange; also referred to as the Olympics stadium, nicknamed Engenhao due to its locality and Estadio Nilton Santos in honor of the late Nilton Do Santos who passed away in November 2013 and regarded as the best soccer defender by Brazilian is also part of the Maracana clusters. Sambadromo closes the list of the venues in Maracana cluster

2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Copacabana Venue Cluster

Copacabana is the other venue cluster in Rio is Copacabana. Copacabana is said to be the place with the best beaches in the world.

The Copacabana venue cluster is the second largest venue in size, but has the only five venues which are:-

1. Fort Copacabana locate in the southern end of Copacabana shoreline and Maracana venue cluster

2. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas; this is a lagoon located in the southern end of Rio, but west of Copacabana.

3. Copacabana Stadium is yet another venue in this cluster and is in the north east direction of Copacabana Fort as well as Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

4. Another venue in the Copacabana cluster is the Flamengo Park in the north of Fort Copacabana and it will host some cycling and athletics events and finally Marina Da Gloria located on the beautiful Copacabana beach.

2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Barra da Tijuca Venue Cluster

Barra da Tijuca has the largest number of venues totaling to 15 venues out of the 32 in Rio. Below are the venues in Barra.

Olympics Training Center venue clusters:

a. Carioca 1 to carioca 3

b. Future Arena

c. Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre

d. Olympics Aquatic Stadium

e. Olympics Golf course

f. Olympic Tennis Centre

g. Rio Olympic Velodrome

Other Barra da Tijuca venues are Rio Centro which has the Pavilion 1 to Rio pavilion 6, Pontal and the 2016 Rio Olympics Golf Course located at the Coastal Nature Reserve of Marapendi Natural Reserve.

2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Deodoro Venue Cluster

Deodoro has the second highest number of the 2016 Summer Olympics Venues totaling to 9 venues in all. The Olympics venues in Deodoro are:

a. Deodoro Aquatic Center

b. Deodoro Stadium

c. Mountain Bike Center

d. Olympics BMX Center

e. Olympics Equestrian Center

f. Olympics Hockey Center

g. Olympics Shooting Center

h. White Water Stadium

i. Youth Arena

Besides the above classification, the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics venues can be classified according to the sports and the events they will be hosting.

There are venues that will only host the 2016 Summer Olympics, while other will only host 2016 Summer Paralympics and there those that will host both 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics

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