Monday, February 1, 2016

Athletics at the Summer Olympics

Overview of Athletics at the Summer Olympics

Athletics events are one of the most popular multi sports game event is the Olympics, which comes after every four years since 1896. Athletics therefore have been key sports in Summer Olympics and is the same the Rio 2016 or the 31st Olympiads Games.

Besides the Olympics, Athletics is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Thomas Edmund "Tom" Burke for the USA was the first gold medalist in a modern Olympics, he won the Athens 1896 Summer Olympics gold medal for the 100 and the 400 meters dash races; modern day sprints.

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Athletics in a natural sport, which means it utilizes natural physical movement, though during competitions these movements are vigorously and intensely used. Athletics is made up of several events, these includes:

Running which includes, sprints, middle and long distance races and Marathon.


Jumping includes, pole vault, high jump and long jump

Throwing includes javelin, hammer and discus

Athletics is also one of the oldest sports with historical and archaeological evidence suggesting that it has been there since pre-historical times.

The Greeks and Romans have mentioned Athletics in their records as well as in their mythologies. Athletics and the Olympics dates back to the oldest recorded games; 776 BC Olympics at the Olympiads as it was one of the major events in these ancient games

Athletics is not only limited to the Olympics, notable historical findings suggest Athletics among people living in Africa. There has also been mentioning of Athletics in African oral history. As the world go to Rio 2016, we all need to appreciate that one of the sports people will be participating will be Athletics in its various forms. Each of the over 100 participating nations will also participate in at least one athletics event. Of course there are notable nations in specific Athletics events and they have been dominating these sports.

Nations across the world have joined international athletics bodies and within themselves have adopted the standardized competitions models, which is why they are able to compete with each other be it in Rio Olympics of any other multi nation completion. The establishment of organizations managing, regulating and creating rules was first established in Europe in the 1800s, for the last two centuries these organizations have helped globalize athletics. At first these organization were among the military personnel, then civil servants and latter it trickled down to the general populations. Academic organization has also participated in the formation of these organizing bodies. By the turn of the 19th century, established nations across the world have managed to create armature clubs and this helped with the success of the first modern Olympics Games; Athens 1896, where Athletics was one of the major sporting events.

In the comings Olympics games which are Rio 2016 Summer Olympics which have 47 Athletics events, the largest number of sporting events in the entire games.

There are 47 Events in the Athletics sports, making the largest and most competitive sports in the entire Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.