Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Football at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Football at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

This 2016 in Rio, the Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016; Portuguese translation for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in August this year has football is one of the 26 Sports to be competed on. The Rio Olympics will feature 16 men teams including host Brazil. Brazil is the home of football and we expect to see great football maneuvers and creativity to keep each one of us excites. Unlike other sports in the Olympics which will all be held in Rio, football is the only sport that wills be hosted by other cities outside Rio. Besides, it will start slightly earlier compared to the 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, football is scheduled to have its first match on the 3rd of August, while the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony is on the 5th of August.

Football in the Summer Olympics

Football has been part of the Summer Olympics since the Second edition of the Games held in Paris, France in 1900. Football as a sport missed the first edition of the modern summer Olympics held in Athens, Greece in 1896. During the first edition of the Summer Olympics, football was still in its infancy and lacked organization and hence not incorporated in 1896 games. But from the Games of the II Olympiad held in Paris in 1900, Summer Olympics football was one of the 19 Sports competed upon by the 975 men and would continually feature, getting strong and better only to miss the Los Angeles Olympics of 1932. In the 1932 Summer Olympics, host USA failed to include this popular sport in favor of their American Football.

It was the 1908 Summer Olympics football sport. This would be the start of organizing the football sport in the Olympics. The clubs which had been representing the nations in the 1900 and 1904 Summer Olympics were replaced by properly organized national teams. There was increased number of teams from the 1904 three to eleven nations. However these teams were only from Europe but that would change in the other editions of the summer Olympics. The rules were different and footballers are on record of scoring about 10 goals in one match. Besides the participating teams were amateurs, with n single professional player participating. This has not changed much because even in the coming Rio 2016 Olympics only 3 players who have been in a world cup tournament are allowed per team.

The 1920 Antwerp Summer Olympics in Belgium was the turning point for the football sports in Olympics. First there was one new team which was not from Europe, not like the other earlier Olympics editions. The non-European team was Egypt. It also made history as the first African to have ever participated in an Olympics edition. The game saw high scores with Sweden beating Greece with nine goals to nil. After the dust settled, host Belgium won the gold medal, while the Spaniards went home with a silver medal and the Netherlands settled with a bronze.

In the 1924 Summer Olympics, the football sport had teams from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America and of course Europe. Africa was represented by Egypt, who were coming for a second time, Asia was represented by Turkey, North America was represented by USA, South America was represented by Uruguay, Europe had the most teams including host France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Poland